“Of Gods and Men” DVD available for pre-order!

If Of Gods and Men, the luminous French movie about the monks killed during the civil war in Algeria, has not come to your city, or if you missed it, or if — like me — you consider this to be a “must own” film, then your wait is almost over. The North American release date for the DVD has been set for July 5. If you want to make sure you have it when it’s released, you can now pre-order the DVD from Amazon.com.

Not sure what the fuss is about? Watch the trailer or read my review. It’s a beautiful film, and even people who are totally unfamiliar with the contemplative life are saying so. It’s a must.

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  1. I would urge anyone to watch this film. It’s profoundly moving and very beautifully shot from a purely cinematic point of view. One of the few films I have seen that I would refer to as “haunting”, in the truly spiritual, non-hocus pocus sense.

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