Francis of Assisi on Holiness

Holiness is not an accomplishment of the self, nor a fullness which one gives oneself. It is first of all an emptiness which one discovers and accepts, and which God comes to fill in the measure that the person opens himself to His fullness… To contemplate the glory of God… to discover that God is God, eternally God, beyond what we are or can be, to rejoice fully in what he is, to be in ecstasy before his eternal youth and to thank him for  himself, for his unfailing mercy, that is the most profound demand of that love which the Spirit of the Lord does not cease to pour into our hearts. That’s what it is to have a pure heart.

— Francis of Assisi, as quoted in
Passing from Self to God:
A Cistercian Retreat

by Robert Thomas, OCSO

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  1. What a great way to start off my Sunday! Thanks very much.
    Reading ‘Yoga Gems’ by Georg Fenerstein this AM and quote was so simple & powerful I wanted to share:”As we are all human beings living on earth among countless other human beings, our happiness is intimately connected to that of others. It is hard to imagine personal happiness detached or seperate from the happiness of others. For it is certain that if we aspire to happiness we must be deeply concerned about the happiness of all humankind.” The Dalai Lama

  2. Al Jordan says:

    Thanks for putting me on to Fr. Thomas’ book. I just ordered it and looking forward to opening to its wisdom.

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