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When our soul has been purged and feels free from evil passions, it experiences a great craving for spiritual things. Like a famished person, it longs for many different kinds of pious practices, mortification, penance, humility, charity, and prayer. To have so keen an appetite is a good sign, but you must consider whether you can properly digest all you want to eat. From among all such desires choose, according to your spiritual director’s advice, those you can practice and fulfill at present. Turn them to your best advantage, and this done, God will send you others that you can practice in due time. In this way you will never waste time in useless desires. I don’t say that you must give up any of these good desires but say that you must bring them all forth in good order. Those that cannot be immediately put into effect should be stored away in some corner of your heart until their time comes, and meanwhile you can put into effect the ones that are mature and in season. I give this advice not only to the spiritual minded but also to worldly people. Without it we will live only in anxiety and confusion.

— Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life

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