The New Abbey Store

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit has opened a new Monastic Heritage Center, including a museum of monastic culture — housed in an old barn where the monks lived when they first came to Georgia in 1944, a greenhouse and garden center, a coffee shop, and a new Abbey Store. The entire center is beautiful, and I believe the museum will do wonders to draw more people to contemplative spirituality (as well as help stimulate vocations to monastic life). Here’s a short video I made on Friday, minutes before the store opened for a donor’s reception. It opened to the public yesterday. So if you want to visit, its hours are Monday through Saturday 10 – 5 and Sunday 12:30 – 4:30. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Al Jordan says:

    Wow! I remember as a child visiting the old barn before the current monastery was complete. Kind of dates me, I guess. This is not the barn I remember!! Beautiful is right.

  2. Al, this video was not shot in the barn, but in a new building adjacent to the barn. The barn has been fully renovated and is now a museum celebrating monastic and contemplative spirituality. It is not only worth seeing, but visitors need to plan on spending at least an hour or two to fully appreciate the museum. I hope you’ll come out to visit (and be sure to say hi to me in the store when you do!).

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