Images from the Wild Goose Festival

I’m home from the Wild Goose Festival. What an amazing experience it was!

Hopefully I’ll find the time sometime soon to write about the experience. But in the meantime, here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of the experience. The first two photos I took using my iPhone; the other two are courtesy of conference attendee Christine M. Anderson.

Richard Rohr, speaking on "Contemplation and Action"

The Interfaith Panel. Left to right: Rabbi Or Rose, Paul Knitter, Imam Abdullah Antepli, and Bowie Snodgrass.

My dear friend, and executive director of the Wild Goose Festival, Gareth Higgins.

Yours truly, speaking on the spirituality of loving one's neighbor as oneself.

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  1. Carl, I have been loving my neighbors (tornado survivors in Alabama and Georgia) since April 28th. If you or any in your spiritual community would like to get in on the fun let me know. We have an awesome group right here in the Atlanta area that is doing amazing things for the ones who were most tragically affected.

  2. Carl, it was SO awesome 2 get to hear U speak 2X at the WGF. I especially love the “suggested possible starting points” for beginning contemplation that U offered at my request during your second talk. I tried one of the forms that U suggested on my early morning drive back to New Jersey & Really felt connected & encouraged 2 investigate further. I am going to purchase and read your book, and just wanted again to say thanks!
    Warm Regards -
    Enrico Gomez (red “leper” shirt)

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