A Brief Julian of Norwich Bibliography

A Facebook friend has asked me to draw up a list of recommended books on Julian of Norwich. While I have done this previously (see my page on Julian), it had been a while since I had updated it, and there are some worthwhile new books available. So it seemed worth revisiting. Here, then, is my updated list. Happy reading!

A Brief Julian of Norwich Bibliography

Editions of Julian’s book, translated into modern English:

Editions of Julian’s book, in middle English (Julian in her original words is not as daunting as you might think. Certainly there is no better way to study Julian, and some would say that even for devotional reading the original text is the way to go):

Books about Julian (popular/devotional):

Books about Julian (academic/scholarly):

Image of Julian of Norwich Stained Glass from Norwich Cathedral by Ian-S. Used by permission.

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