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People in the postmodern era have lost confidence in the idea of perpetual progress advanced by the sciences and technology. They have become distrustful of and disenchanted with authority, which includes that of the church. They value experience over against outside authority, a faith based on experience over against one that is ecclesiastically pre-formulated, and a plurality of voices that are of equal value over against a singular voice that makes all final decisions. Authenticity, being true to one’s self, is more important than giving assent; personal narrative in the context of community is more important than subscribing to creedal statements. Traditional formulations of the Christian faith and the “correct” answers to faith questions, as in catechesis, have come to be ranked as having lesser importance than one’s own personal creed and a first-hand knowledge of the Christian faith. The experience of worship, the celebration of the sacraments, spiritual practices, prayer, meditation, and the use of the arts all contribute to allowing for an encounter with the divine. As a result, people of the postmodern era have rediscovered the writings of the mystics and their way of praying and speaking with God, their attitudes toward the divine, their fundamental awareness of God’s activity and their response to it.

— Annemarie S. Kidder, Introduction to Karl Rahner’s
The Mystical Way in Everyday Life

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  • http://gravatar.com/myrabeth Beth Patterson

    Yes, indeedy!

  • http://gravatar.com/2breathe2 2breathe2

    Her insights resonate with me, both in words and practice. What I wonder though, is what kind of church this individual movement will form. How will the creeds be written or will creeds be simply experienced in similar ways? How will be able to share with the youth from our own inward experiences? I understand where we are, but I feel our commitment to sharing this way with the younger folks around us. Ideas?

  • Jay Byrd

    Hey nice stuff man I’m so excited to see some good stuff surfacing may I purport some exciting things that I have come upon that might be of interest which is; Hans Urs Von Balthasar’s work I’ve only made it through his Theo-Logic trio but what good stuff and another man of God whom I adore is Nicolas Berdyaev I thought His Freedom and Spirit was good as well as his Metaphysics, the Beginning and the End. Suprisingly even the early Heidegger had looked into Eckharts thought, as well as other schoolmen, but as we all know knowledge puffs up but love edifies, the word without the Spirit is dead, may the grace of our sweet Lord be with us all in our relentless efforts to keep in step!