Reminder: Ken Wilber Class starts July 21!

Are you interested in learning more about Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory? If so, register for the upcoming class through Evening at Emory called “A Brief History of Everything.” This class will read Wilber’s book of the same title, generally regarded as his most accessible and succinct statement of Integral Theory, his sweeping vision of how science and spirituality (both eastern and western) come together to explain not only the way things are, but also (and especially) the way things are likely to evolve in the future. It’s a wonderful, if imperfect, book and theory, and this class will explore both the beauty and the problems of Wilber’s ideas.

For more information and to register for the class, follow this link:

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  • steven

    Carl – have you done any writing about what you see as “the problem” in Wilber’s writing?
    I live too far away to attend your workshops.