A Birthday Cake for Two Monks

Last week two monks of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit had birthdays. Father Anthony (who is the monastic advisor to the Lay Associates, of whom I am a member) turned a mere 83. But Father Luke, our last surviving founder (he's been at the monastery since it was established in 1944) turned 100!Needless to say, the monks have been celebrating, and on Sunday at our Lay Associates' Gathering Day, we treated these two elders to a cake & ice cream party. Here's a little video showing Father … [Read more...]

Inside the Shell

Mark Doty has written a wonderful poem called "A Green Crab's Shell." You can read it here. It's about finding a crab shell and wondering at the beautiful shock of "Giotto blue" found within it — the color of the sky, carried by the crab all life long and yet invisible to all (except God). It took the crab's death, probably at the beak of some hungry seagull, to reveal this lovely, hidden color. Doty goes on to muse about what kinds of treasures you and I carry, hidden within our skin, that only … [Read more...]

Please Think About the Person in a Wheelchair!

Okay, I usually don't do a lot of whining on this blog. But once in a while I let it rip. And this is one of those times, so you've been warned.Last evening Fran, Rhiannon and I went out on what we jokingly call our "hot Friday night date" — which usually consists of eating at an inexpensive, vegan-friendly restaurant and then visiting a local bookshop. Last night it was Borders, where of course the going out of business sale was just too appealing not to pass up (I found two treasures: Each M … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. — Albert Einstein, as quoted in The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness by Peter Ralston … [Read more...]

Of Cats and Interfaith Friendship

My latest post for the Huffington Post is online. Here's the link to go read it:Curiosity May Be Hard On Cats, But It's Great For Interfaith Friendships … [Read more...]

Literary Prayer

Okay, I have a confession to make.Sometimes I get bored with spiritual writing. That may seem like a crazy foolish thing for me to admit, for after all, I am a "spiritual writer" myself. But it's true. I can only take so much gentle, kind, inspirational prose about discovering our inner authenticity and learning to let God's forgiving love transform us so that we can in turn bring compassion and forgiveness to others.... yada yada yada... I believe it all, it's all true, but sometimes it just … [Read more...]

Four questions about Mysticism

A reader named Matt wrote the following questions to me, quite some time ago (sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, Matt!):The Reformed, and Protestant traditions have been quite suspicious of some of the practices of "Mysticism", why is that, and what would be a response to Protestant concerns? What is the theology behind Christian Mysticism? Does Christian Mysticism have Biblical Support? How does one go about practicing the more Mystical aspects of the Christian faith?Any … [Read more...]