Two Big Smiles

Cindy Lou & Rhiannon, 8-20-11

This past Saturday evening Fran and I took Rhiannon to see her favorite musician, Cindy Lou Harrington, in concert at a wonderful little pizza place called Shorty’s in Tucker, GA (unlike most pizzerias, Shorty’s has several vegan options on their menu). Before the show began, Cindy Lou stopped by our table and posed for a picture with her number 1 fan. Gotta love those smiles!

You never would have thought Rhiannon is fighting against both liver and kidney disease if you had been there Saturday evening. She was full of energy, sang along with every song she knew, and smiled the whole evening long. Even though we had her out way past her bedtime, that didn’t slow her down any. Music really is good therapy.

If you are not familiar with Cindy Lou’s music, she’s worth getting to know. You can find one of her albums by clicking here.


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