The Big eBook of Christian Mysticism?

It looks great on a Kindle!

Amazon’s announcement yesterday of several new versions of the Kindle, including a reader that retails for only $79 and their first color reader (for a mere $199), should convince even the most confirmed skeptic that not only are e-books here to stay, but that they will follow the path of the MP3, and only become increasingly popular as a reading format. My latest sales report for The Big Book of Christian Mysticism shows that e-book sales account for almost 25% of the book’s total sales (impressive, since it is currently only available on the Kindle, although my editor assures me that the Nook and Kobo versions are in the works). I think we can safely assume that the percentage of e-book sales, especially on new books, will only grow over time.

To me, there’s no point in arguing over the merits of paper books versus e-books, or getting self-righteous because studies show that people are more likely to browse e-books than read them thoroughly, yada yada yada. We are all entitled to our opinions, but the e-book is not going anywhere (and neither is the paper book). To me, e-books represent just one more format for books, along with the various formats already available: hardback books, trade paperbacks, and mass market paperbacks. Just as the paperback did not kill the hardback, so the e-book will not totally render paper books obsolete. As an author, I’m happy to see my books available in as many formats as possible — after all, I want to reach as many readers as possible.

So, with all that in mind, I thought I’d post links to the various available e-book formats of my titles, current as of today. Obviously, there are some gaps that still need to be filled in (and my agent has already gotten an earful from me about this). But whether your favorite e-reader is the Kindle, the iPad, the Kobo, or the Nook, you can find at least one or two of my books for your reading pleasure. Just follow the links…

Kindle Versions:

Nook Versions:

Kobo Versions:

iBook Versions:

Of course, if you are like me and still prefer the old-fashioned paper & glue & ink type of book, you can always order The Big Book of Christian Mysticism or The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader or any of my other books in all their low-tech glory.

Happy reading, my friends!

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  • Mark Mitchell

    Remember the original Star Trek when it was considered far out science fiction that an entire library of books would be available on a computer screen! It probably won’t be long before the transporter beam is ready.