A Message from a Dream

Last night I had an interesting dream.


In it I worked at a large bookstore, like a Borders or a Barnes & Noble. I had a small office off of the main sales floor where I worked, and in the dream, I walked in to my office to find three or four customers standing there, waiting to make purchases. I didn’t have a cash register, so I escorted them out on the main floor to the cashier’s station, where to my surprise and delight I found Kitty, my assistant manager from the bookstore I ran up in Tennessee many years ago. Kitty passed away earlier this year, and this was the first time she has appeared in a dream of mine for quite some time — certainly the first time since her passing. We both smiled as we greeted each other, and then I teasingly said, in an allusion to her death, “Kitty, it’s great to see you! But does this mean I’m in  heaven?”

“Not exactly,” she replied, her eyes twinkling. “You see, heaven is in you.”

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  1. “And what part of you does Kitty represent?” asked the therapist. :-)

  2. Sweet dreams….what a gift.

  3. That’s awesome, Carl! Cool dream!

  4. Ray Hardwick, s.f.o. says:

    And, of course, Kitty was correct, as opposed to the pie in the sky, by and by, we get from many pulpits on Sundays.

  5. From my experience I think it is very mindful of you to have remembered your friend had died while you were dreaming.

    In all of my half-dozen dreams of my mother since she died, it’s just life as usual and what never enters into the picture is the fact that I saw her in the hospital room shortly before she died, eulogized her at her memorial, wrote her obituary, etc. I never say to her in any dream, “What? Mom I thought you were dead!”

    Since it has never occured to me in the dream that she has in fact died, was mourned and buried, I conjectured that maybe a very critical part of me (the part that had experienced that loss and any number of other important things) is in fact asleep while I’m dreaming. Well it certainly needs the rest, anyway, and I thought it made sense that the heavy lifter in me would be getting some sleep :)

    Are you sure you were not actually coming out of the dream at the time? Half awake or about to wake up? Never mind, I’m only trying to salvage my theory.

  6. John, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you salvage your theory. I vividly remember this dream, with a clear sense when I saw Kitty of delight for being able to see her after she passed away. For that matter, I had a similar dream two years in which I encountered my mother (who had been dead 2 1/2 years at that point) and my father (who was then, and is still now, lingering in a nursing home with advanced dementia). Again, part of the power of that dream was my awareness that I was seeing mom from beyond the veil. You can read about it here: http://anamchara.com/2009/08/15/a-kiss-from-mom-and-a-lesson-about-suffering/
    Now, back to your theory. Isn’t it possible that some people dream with that “critical part” on vacation, while others keep it on duty? Perhaps this is a clue to the nature of lucid dreaming?

    • You bring up a good point, although what I’ve heard of lucid dreaming makes me want to include it in the category “half-awake.” But now that you mention it, I think it’s dreamers like me who might rather be (in another sense) half-asleep (not being present mindfully in their ‘critical’ self). Usually I’m at the point of awaking by the time I’m getting enough critical traction to question or reject the dream sequence (morally or otherwise).

      My belief in the afterlife is very alive, but how funny it doesn’t enter into my dreams when I dream of the dead. Time for some self-analysis (oh dear).

      Thanks for sharing the story.

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