Preach it, Brother Stephen!

This was on Facebook the other day (thanks to Jack G. for posting it!).

I wonder how many snarky comments I'll get for posting this one...

Interfaith Dialogue, Interspirituality, and Holy Daring
Flannery O'Connor on the Church and Politics
Concerning Emergence, Contemplation, and the Faith of the Future
Our Words, Our Breath, Our Bodies, Our Spirit


  1. No snark from me. I find it difficult to argue against, unlike many I’ve seen on Facebook. Ha!

  2. You’re welcome! When I saw it on another’s FB post, I thought, ‘Spot on!’

  3. Snark is avoidance at its finest. But people have been avoiding this question for 2000 years, why stop now?

  4. Colbert might just be my favorite Catholic. Next to you, of course. ;)

  5. That’s brilliant. Here it is in context:

    The quote comes within the last 20 seconds or so, but the whole clip is worth watching.

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