Preach it, Brother Stephen!

This was on Facebook the other day (thanks to Jack G. for posting it!).

I wonder how many snarky comments I'll get for posting this one...

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  • Tana Schott

    No snark from me. I find it difficult to argue against, unlike many I’ve seen on Facebook. Ha!

  • Jack Gillespie

    You’re welcome! When I saw it on another’s FB post, I thought, ‘Spot on!’

  • Pallas Renatus

    Snark is avoidance at its finest. But people have been avoiding this question for 2000 years, why stop now?

  • Alison Leigh Lilly

    Colbert might just be my favorite Catholic. Next to you, of course. ;)

  • Ravi M. Singh

    That’s brilliant. Here it is in context:

    The quote comes within the last 20 seconds or so, but the whole clip is worth watching.