My First Patheos Column

My first installment of "Let the Earth Keep Silence," my column with Patheos, has been published! Here is a link to read it for yourself: Before the Jesus Prayer: John Cassian and Early Christian Contemplation  … [Read more...]

Spiritual Advice from the East

If we really want to make progress on the spiritual path, there is no substitute for putting others first. It is the give-and-take of innumerable little encounters with others in our daily life that really wears off the angles and corners of the ego. Unless we reduce our self-will like this, we will simply have too wide a load of self-will to get through some of the strait and narrow gates into our deeper consciousness.Eknath Easwaran is probably best known as the spiritual teacher of the … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Again

It's Monday morning. For some of us, it's the beginning of another hectic week. Others might be facing the challenge of looking for employment, or creating meaning and purpose in the face of retirement or long-term disability. Wherever your life's journey might have taken you to reach this morning, I invite you to consider the sheer grace of the present moment. … [Read more...]

Brigit of Kildare’s Spiritual Practice

One day holy Brigit needed to attend a gathering of the people for a compelling practical reason, and she sat in her chariot, which was drawn by two horses. As she sat in her vehicle, she practiced on earth the life of heaven, as was her custom, by contemplative meditation, and prayed to her Lord.Thus wrote Cogitosus, the seventh-century Irish monk who authored the earliest biography of Saint Brigit. It is included in Oliver Davies' wonderful anthology Celtic Spirituality in the Classics of … [Read more...]

Prays Well With Others

Here is a sweet little graphic that has been making the rounds on Facebook. I actually copied this image off a fundamentalist Christian website that is hostile to interspirituality, sad to say. I thought it deserved a friendlier home, so I'm reposting it here. I couldn't find where it originates — if anyone knows, please drop me a line or leave a comment here, so I can give credit where credit is due. … [Read more...]

A Celtic Lenten Story

Once, St. Brigit and two of her sister nuns were travelling during Lent, and it so happened that they were offered hospitality by a pagan chieftain whose land they were passing through. They gathered at the chieftain's house, only to be surprised by a dinner including pork. The two sisters immediately protested, explaining that their Lenten fast prohibited them from eating any type of meat. At that, Brigit stood up, grabbed each of her sisters, and roughly threw them out of the house. She … [Read more...]

“Let the Earth Keep Silence” launches on February 29!

I'm pleased to announce that my column on contemplative spirituality, Let the Earth Keep Silence, will launch on next Wednesday, February 29! I'll post links to the column here once it goes live. Of course, I have some interesting plans for this blog as well, that I will slowly roll out over the months to come. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to the blog feed (see the "Subscribe to Blog via Email" widget located to the right of this blog feed). … [Read more...]