Interviewing Fran

Follow this link to watch a video that my wife Fran and I recently recorded for Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters. This video features me interviewing Fran as she tells the story of the spiritual lessons that have shaped her experience of giving birth to, and raising, Rhiannon, who suffers from multiple disabilities. Hope you enjoy it.

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  • Mike

    Bro. Carl:

    Blessing s to you and Fran. We have a son with disabilities also. It is easy to miss these lessons as it were. We often are running on fumes but each day God fills our tank and allows us even to catch our breath once on a while.



  • Ed Scott


    I have been unable to get the interview to run on both my personal laptop, and on my office computer (both PC’s). I have Quick Time on both. I don’t know if the problem is on my end or yours. The fact that you thus far only have 1 comment in response to the interview makes me wonder if others are having trouble viewing it as well.


    • Carl McColman

      I think it might be on AIB’s end. I can run the video on my computer (iMac with Safari) but my wife’s, using Firefox, can’t get it to run. I have no idea what the problem is. Try a different browser if you have one, that might do the trick.

      • Ed


        You are right — Mozilla Firefox is the problem. When I ran it using Internet Explorer I had no problem.


  • Leanne Hunt

    What an inspirational testimony! As someone who lives with a disability, I have recently been introduced to the concept of the “disabled God” and it is with extreme awe that I realise, God is not fussy about what kind of body He dwells in. The main thing is that we witness God inside the imperfect house. This requires seeking and finding, and in the process we lay down our expectations, judgements and demands. I like what you said about coming home to the Christian faith too, because that has been my experience. God sets us free to explore and ask questions, and welcomes us when we conclude that belief in eternal life is comforting to our souls.