Monday Morning Again

It’s Monday morning. For some of us, it’s the beginning of another hectic week. Others might be facing the challenge of looking for employment, or creating meaning and purpose in the face of retirement or long-term disability. Wherever your life’s journey might have taken you to reach this morning, I invite you to consider the sheer grace of the present moment. Every day is filled with promise and possibility. That might be easier to see on Sunday morning, when we take the time to nurture our souls, than on Monday morning, when another busy or challenging week is cranking up. Yet it is precisely during the “Monday mornings” of our lives that we are called to breathe in the love God showers upon us, and breathe out our capacity for compassion and kindness to others.

I know it may not be practical for you to “slow down” on the most active morning of the week. But I wish for you at some point today, a moment of pause. A moment of remembering: we are, right here and right now, children of light and grace. If we could only know this in our bones, it would change everything. But even pondering it in our minds and hearts is a good start. Try to enjoy some silence today — even if only for a single breath.

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  • Mike

    Thanks for helping me to re-focus brother.