My First Patheos Column

My first installment of “Let the Earth Keep Silence,” my column with Patheos, has been published! Here is a link to read it for yourself: Before the Jesus Prayer: John Cassian and Early Christian Contemplation 

A Modest Proposal (and a question for folks who live near Decatur, Georgia)
Two Saturday events: in Atlanta and Richmond
"Life is Change... How it Differs From the Rocks"
Speaking of Silence (On Internet Radio)


  1. Sr. Sheila Patenaude, FMM says:

    Carl, I really appreciate the in-depth, broadly historical, yet modern way you present prayer and spirituality to the modern world. I think this new blog site will have a tremendous influence in the Church as well as on those of other religious affiliation.

    • Carl McColman says:

      Thank you, Sr. Sheila. You clearly have sensed the heart of how I approach writing about the spiritual life.

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