Norwich Cathedral: Stained Glass and a Green Man

Julian of Norwich; Photo by Ian-S and used by permission.

I am often asked about the beautiful image of Julian of Norwich that I use on my Julian of Norwich Prayer Cards. It’s an image from a stained glass window in Norwich Cathedral. I know just enough about photography to know that shooting a stained glass window is a tricky matter, so I tip my hat to the photographer who took this particular shot: he goes by the moniker of Ian-S on Flickr (and yes, I did ask for, and receive, permission to use this image; this image can be used, with attribution, for non-commercial purposes).

This image is actually only part of a much larger stained glass window at Norwich Cathedral; when I was there in 2005 I took a snapshot of the entire window — obviously a much more amateurish image, but at least it will give  you a sense of the splendor of the original. As you can see, the Julian image is at the lower righthand corner of the window.

Stained Glass in Norwich Cathedral; photo by Carl McColman.

Norwich Cathedral is truly lovely. It is only a short walk away from the Church of St. Julian, where Julian of Norwich lived and finished her masterpiece of mystical literature, Revelation of Love. St. Julian’s is now a shrine to the mystic and her writing. Visiting both the Julian Shrine and the Cathedral makes for a charming day in Norwich, truly one of England’s more beautiful towns.

Here is one more image for you: also taken by me during my visit to Norwich. This snapshot was taken in the Cathedral Cloister, which is remarkable for featuring over 1000 architectural bosses — including this image of the Green Man.

Green Man (Norwich Cathedral Cloister); photo by Carl McColman.


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  • jean wise

    I am blessed to be visiting Norwich this fall. So appreciated having a preview of what I will be seeing and experiencing. Thank you

  • Lauren Fein

    Love this! It reminds me of my bedroom altar-which is complete with a Green Man and many Christian symbols as well. One of the things that brought me back to Christianity and its many beauties is the writing of Julian of Norwich. I’ll have to visit this town someday! Thanks for the post.

  • Lisa

    What is this Green Man?

  • Sue

    The green man! I was reading about him a little while ago here ( and now here he pops up again!