Prayer and Presence



The life of prayer and contemplation is simply to realize God’s presence in the depth of our being, in the depth of every being, and at the same time beyond all beings, beyond all that is within and all that is without.

— Abhishiktananda, Prayer

One of the monks who teaches our Lay Cistercian group has called Abhishiktananda’s book Prayer “one of the best books on the subject” he’s ever read. High praise indeed. I’ve just started the book (based on that recommendation!) and barely 10 pages into it I’m already finding gems like the one I quote here.

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  • Sr. Sheila Patenaude, FMM

    Thanks for the inspiring quote from Abhishiktananda. I have also read and appreciated his book. Since I spent almost five years teaching in India I have a tremendous respect for western authors and spiritual directors who incorporate Eastern styles of prayer and mysticism with Christian spirituality.Keep up the great quotes and insight!

  • Ann Dayton

    Abishhiktananda had a very strange life – see his biography by Shirley du Boulay

    published in 2005, “The Cave of the Heart”. But I absolutely agree with the

    comment of the monk. Anyone drawn to Eastern spirituality, but holding on

    to their Christian roots, will find his book on Prayer, deeply interesting.

  • Ron Krumpos

    Abhishiktananda (1910-1973) was the name taken by the French Benedictine monk Henri le Saux, whose religious experience in India led him to become a bridge between Hindu and Christian spirituality. (extracted from Wikipedia)

    His best known student was Bede Griiffiths, who I consider one of the foremost modern Christian mystics. He wrote “When I turn back beyond my senses and reason and pass through the door into eternal life, I discover my true Self [soul], then I begin to see the world as it really is.”