Silence Is Not a Vow

Here is my latest column from Patheos. In it I look at the role of silence in the life of Christian monastics (monks and nuns) and then reflect on what that means for those of us who feel called to the contemplative life even though we do not live in a cloister. Hope you enjoy it…

Silence Is Not a Vow.

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  1. “True spiritual silence is far more than the mere absence of noise; just as true love is far more than the absence of hatred or fear. Silence, embraced for spiritual reasons, opens us up to the hidden presence of God in our lives.”

    Yes indeed – thank you.

  2. Thank you for writing this article Carl….silencing to read.

    Your article points to grace-filled spiritual experience of a silence, that bears the fruit of an inner shift from ‘who I am’ to ‘that I am by grace’…..a silence filled with a love too noisy even for our spiritual ears!


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