Listen to my friends…

I'd like to take a moment and send some love to some friends of mine who are creating interesting audio content for the web. Okay, a disclaimer: they've both talked about me and/or had me on their show. But that notwithstanding, I recommend both shows as well worth your time. Both have a strong interfaith dimension, and so are particularly suited for anyone wanting an expansive approach to spirituality.First, from the west coast, Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly have created a new podcast … [Read more...]

Contemplation, Fundamentalism, and Healthy Conflict

Another column for Patheos — this one might be a bit controversial — I originally titled it  Is Contemplation the Enemy of Fundamentalism? but the Patheos editors shortened that to the slightly more provocative Fundamentalism vs. Contemplation? There's a bit of a backstory here. At work I've had a couple of run-ins with fundamentalist persons lately, usually complaining because we are a Catholic store but sell books on other religions. I also recently read a baldly mean-spirited blog post from a … [Read more...]

Inter-Religious Spirituality and the Contemplative Renaissance

My most recent column for Patheos is based on a talk I gave at Columbia Theological Seminary on April 15, 2012, as part of the Contemplative Interfaith Conference co-sponsored by CTS and the Interfaith Community Initiatives. My talk focused on the contemplative dimension of Christianity, but as part of the talk I discussed the role of interfaith dialogue in supporting the rebirth of Christian contemplation in the modern and postmodern era.Thomas Merton, Tilden Edwards, Bede Griffiths, Thomas … [Read more...]

Contemplation and the Bible

The latest installment of Let the Earth Keep Silence, my column for Patheos, has been published. It is a look at the evidence for contemplative spirituality in the Bible. You can read it by following this link: Let the Earth Keep Silence: Contemplation and the Bible.I'd love to get your thoughts on this column, since this question of "Is contemplation in the Bible?" seems to be a significant concern for many Christians, particularly those who are theologically conservative. … [Read more...]

In Florida

Fran and Rhiannon and I were in Florida last week, and had this snapshot taken of us.Fran took quite a few pictures over the course of the week. Here's one of a pelican that was flying near her one morning.And for those of you who might be wondering, "hmmm, Holy Week on the beach?!?" — well, we have no control over when the school system is out for spring break! And even though we were "on vacation," we certainly tried to keep it as, well, contemplative as possible! :-)This w … [Read more...]

Joyful Penitence and Easter Wishes

Here is a link to my latest column at Patheos: Joyful Penitence and a Continual Lent.My next post to this blog won't be until after the Sacred Triduum -- in other words, after Easter. So in the meantime, I wish you and yours a joyous Feast of the Resurrection -- may the blessings of the resurrected life be yours. … [Read more...]

Spirit and Standards

Certainly, Christians in the world cannot live precisely as monks. They can however live in accordance with the spirit and standards of monastic life. This will aid them greatly in preserving their own inner unity and balance while living in a troubled and anxious world.— Archimandrite George Capsanis, The Eros of Repentance:Four Talks on Athonite MonasticismHere is one of the most concise statements of the rationale behind Lay Cistercian spirituality, coming from an Eastern Orthodox monk o … [Read more...]