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I’d like to take a moment and send some love to some friends of mine who are creating interesting audio content for the web. Okay, a disclaimer: they’ve both talked about me and/or had me on their show. But that notwithstanding, I recommend both shows as well worth your time. Both have a strong interfaith dimension, and so are particularly suited for anyone wanting an expansive approach to spirituality.

First, from the west coast, Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly have created a new podcast called Faith, Fern and Compass: Nature Spirituality in the Digital Age. As the subtitle implies, the show is grounded in a strong eco-spiritual ethos, anchored in but by no means limited to the Lillys’ own druidic path. Jeff and Ali are fun and playful hosts but the content is anything but frivolous: ranging from poetry to in-depth discussions of theoretical and philosophical thought, generally dealing with aspects of living a truly embodied spirituality in the natural world. I’m mentioned in the “pre-season” episode 2, which deals with noise (and silence). Episode 1 has a particular treat: Alison reading her visionary story “Yewberry.” Beginning this month the podcast’s regular season kicks off, which includes a paid subscription option with extra content, but there will always be a free show each week for those who can’t or choose not to pay. Like any podcast, you can easily subscribe to this show via iTunes.

On the opposite end of the country (i.e. here in Georgia), crimefighter-turned-spiritual novelist Scott Lindquist and his wife, Unity minister¬†Sydney¬†Magill-Lindquist, have a radio show on Blogtalkradio called Open Minds, Open Hearts which explores the nexus between progressive Christianity, interspirituality and interfaith dialogue. They’ve interviewed some dynamite people, include Brian McLaren, John Shelby Spong, Danielle Shroyer, and a variety of Vedantists, Wiccans, Unity ministers, progressive Christians, and so forth. Scott and Sydney and gentle folks with a strong sense of the possibilities inherent in positive interfaith dialogue, and their show is a place where possibilities come out to play. Check it out.

So there you go. Happy listening!

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