My Topics at the Wild Goose Festival

It’s only three weeks until the second annual East Coast Wild Goose Festival! I hope you’re making plans to be there — it will be three days of amazing teaching, music, art, and worship, built around the themes of spirituality, art and justice. To learn more about the festival (which takes place in North Caroline June 21-14) and to purchase advance tickets, visit

The schedule is still subject to change, but it looks like I will be speaking Saturday evening and Sunday morning, at the “Exodus” tent. Here are my topics:

Voyage Over Water: Ancient Celtic Wisdom and the Quest for the Sacred (Saturday, June 23, 9 PM)

One of the greatest Christian pilgrimages involved Celtic monks at sea. The medieval “Voyage of Brendan,” a magical tale of slightly-crazy Irish monks and their seven year journey over the ocean to the Land of Paradise, was the inspiration for C. S. Lewis’s “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and remains a powerful template for the contemplative life, even today. Let Brendan guide you on your own journey over the deep waters of the soul.

Contemplation as a Subversive Act (Sunday, June 24, 10 AM)

Anglo-Catholic socialist theologian Kenneth Leech writes about “subversive contemplation.” But can a meditative practice really contribute to the struggle against injustice and for a more holy world? Buddhists talk about “engaged Buddhism” – what would an “engaged Christian contemplation” look like? Drawing on Leech, as well as the wisdom of the Christian mystics, we’ll consider how silence before the Mystery of God is not a mere accessory for justice, but can lead to profound, revolutionary transformation.

See you there!

Carl at the first Wild Goose Festival, June 2011

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