Patheos & the Wild Goose

Origen of Alexandria

Origen of Alexandria

Today Fran and Rhiannon and I are driving up to North Carolina for the second annual Wild Goose Festival. Will we see you there? We’ll be there all day Friday and Saturday and at least part of the day Sunday. I’ll be speaking on Celtic Spirituality Saturday evening, and on “Contemplation as a Subversive Act” Sunday morning.

Of course, my Internet access will be spotty and confined to my iPhone over the next few days, so I don’t anticipate spending much (if any time) on this blog, or Facebook, or Twitter. So I’ll be back in touch probably on Tuesday of next week (which just happens to be Fran’s and my anniversary).

In the meantime, please take a moment and head over to Patheos where you can see my latest column, called The Contemplative Life in Three Easy Steps (yes, that’s an ironic title, but there you go). The graphic of Origen reposted here will give you a subtle clue as to what the column is about. As always, your comments and/or feedback would be most appreciated.

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  • Lisa

    Our family will be there, and we’re so looking forward to your talks!

    At other times, our family can easily be found at the Christian Vegetarian Association booth, which we’ll be manning.

    See you soon! :-)

    • Carl McColman

      Great, see you there!