How to Grow a Mandala

My wife pointed me to this video. Well worth watching — and trying out.  … [Read more...]

Introduction to Christian Mysticism through Evening at Emory

I'll be teaching Introduction to Christian Mysticism through Emory University's Continuing Education Program. Classes meet on Monday evenings from November 5 through December 3. I hope I'll see you there... and please tell your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.! Thank you.To register: Description:The renowned twentieth century German theologian Karl Rahner said, “ … [Read more...]

The Feast of Saint Hildegard

Today, September 17, 2012, is the first feast day for Saint Hildegard of Bingen, as a saint recognized universally within the Catholic Church.Hildegard passed away on this day in 1179. It took 833 years for it to become an "official" saint's day in the Catholic Calendar. Pope Benedict XVI recognized Hildegard as a saint just this past May.In another 20 days — on October 7 — Hildegard will be declared a Doctor of the Church, joining with Juan of Avila and only thirty-three other saints, my … [Read more...]

Is Contemplation Boring?

My latest column has been posted at Patheos — it dares to ask the question Is Contemplation Boring?Follow the link and see what you think! … [Read more...]

Concerning the Heart, the Breath, and the Stories We Tell: Four Books for the Interfaith Seeker

Here are four books, all recently published, that will nurture you as you deepen your spiritual journey, particularly from an interfaith perspective. Three of these titles are specifically designed to foster, or contribute to, interfaith conversation; the fourth is rooted in one particular tradition (Buddhism) but covers material on a topic (embodied spirituality) that can speak to practitioners from any tradition. Hopefully one or more of these books will speak to you. … [Read more...]

In God’s eyes there is no limit to what we can become…

It is important, however, to realize that the change willed by God is not the change that indicates nonacceptance of us as we are but that change foreseen by a creative vision that can perceive as-yet unrealized potentialities in us. In God's eyes there is no limit to what we can become... We often think of conversion as being a change from a life of sin to a life of virtue; more often it is a matter of being called forth from our harmless comfort zone to take a less-traveled road into strange … [Read more...]