Patricia Monaghan 1946-2012

The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog

I am sad to note the passing of Patricia Monaghan, who died yesterday after living with cancer. Pat wrote the foreword for my Complete Idiot’s Guide to Celtic Wisdom. She also was very supportive behind the scenes, introducing me to several fascinating people in Ireland who helped me with my research into Celtic spirituality, whether pre-Christian or Christian.

Pat, of course, was known as a Goddess writer, and she and I lost touch after I became a Catholic. The last time we saw each other was at a trade show shortly after my confirmation, and she was as kind to me as always, and her only concern was that I was making my spiritual choice consciously and with integrity. Once she saw that, she treated me no differently than she had when I was writing about, and practicing, Neopagan spirituality.

I still consider Pat’s book The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit to be one of the best books I’ve ever read about the spirituality of Ireland, especially as seen through American eyes. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the Emerald Isle, whether Pagan, Christian, or otherwise.

Here is an obituary of Pat at the Medusa Coils blog.

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  • http://goingnakedbeingseen.wordpress.com MaryAnn Fry

    A lovely tribute Carl. I’m anxious to read her work.

    • http://allshallbewellbylillianlewis.com Lillian Lewis

      I knew Patricia who was a supporter to us in Limina, who sought to revive women’s mysteries through transdenominational ritual. I missed her at Irish Heritage IBAM this year. I will remember. Lillian Lewis (All Shall Be Well, an Irish Inheritance)

  • Cheryl Anne

    This makes me very, very sad. She was so gifted, and incredibly kind, gracious, and encouraging to me. I will be remembering her.

  • DeafWizard

    Beautiful wording to Patricia as tribute. Will remember her for long time. She inspires us all. May she enjoy her time at the Summerland/Otherworld. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/deirdre.hebert Deirdre Hebert

    Carl, what a beautiful tribute. Some people understand that true spirituality transcends religious affiliation. It seems that you and Patricia, while following different paths, are of similar spirits. Thanks for sharing.