A shout out to Evelyn Underhill and her wonderful book

Over the next few weeks or so I’ll be posting four new videos on Youtube.

One will be an “about me” video, one in which I talk about my three most recent books, one in which I talk about an idea I first presented at the Patheos website on “compass points for the spiritual life,” and finally, this short little segment on “the book that changed my life.” Here you go, it’s only a minute long:

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About two years ago I gave a paper on Evelyn Underhill’s Mysticism at a conference on the book here in Atlanta. So this video will take up permanent residence on the page where I’ve archived that paper. If you’d like to read that paper and find out more about why I think Underhill’s Mysticism is a book for the ages, visit this page: The Book that Changed My Life.

And as I said, this is just one of four videos that will be showing up in the near future. So stay tuned…

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  • http://bobholmes.blogspot.com Bob Holmes

    Thanks for sharing about Evelyn’s book Carl. I’m going to check it out on Amazon right now. Peace+

    • http://bobholmes.blogspot.com Bob Holmes

      Just got my copy. The printing date is 2013. How’s that for quick. :-) Thanks again Carl!

  • Rev. Laureen Batsford

    Nice clip. It definitely piques my interest in her book, and what you learned from it.

    Rev. Laureen

  • Frank Baugh

    It was Thomas Merton’s ‘Contemplative Prayer’ for me.

  • Ken Gilbert

    Carl, I really got a lot out of your comments on Evelyn Underwood. I just finished Thomas Merton’s, “Seven Story Mountain,” in an attempt to better understand his other books on contemplative Christianity. Your comments on Evelyn Underwood helped me to sort out my thinking. I have finally realized that, for my entire life, I have been a contemplative Christian, although for a long time I thought I was an atheist because of my lack of reaction to “conventional” Protestant theology. The lives of the Catholic saints help me to know that I am not an atheist or religious freak, but am just an ordinary person reacting to the sense of God that I was born with. Thanks again for all you do for people like me. – Ken Gilbert

  • Jeremy

    I would like to reccomend the book that first changed my way of seeing this cosmos: The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist by Lawrence Le Shan. This is a great intro for the agnostic materialist type. Also, those familiar with the “dated” language of Evelyn Underhill may be interested in the writings of her contemporary Dr. Ernest Holmes.

  • Sue

    The purity and genuineness of your ‘unspoken reason’ for pursuing a living understanding of Christian mysticism, ‘chorded’ this heart into a thankful, silent song, Blessings.

    • Jeremy

      “Highway Hypnosis”

      May your souls become

      Harmoniously tuned

      In the Symphony

      Of the Cosmos

      Whatever your Instrument

      For this is the Way

      Toward Prosperity

      -Jeremy Walker

      © 1997

  • http://gravatar.com/gloryhealing gloryhealing

    I’ve been reading her book for weeks and have underlined just about every single line!