One Great Mystic Speaks of Another

Here is a video worth watching: an interview from 2007 in which Raimon Panikkar speaks about his knowledge of, and friendship with, the great Benedictine contemplative, Abhishiktananda. Panikkar was 88 years old when this video was filmed, and it’s a bit difficult to watch because his breathing was labored. But his mind was as sharp as a tack.

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  1. Scotty Greene says:

    Incredible gift. Thank you and blessings Carl.

  2. Jim Paradisi says:

    He exemplified what it meant to be a living expression of Christ.Only the mystic can see the poential for harmony between different faiths.New American Standard Bible (©1995)


  3. Two points stood out for me. I appreciate what he said about not combining but harmonizing religions; and love his “Religion without mystique is ideology”

    Thank you for sharing this.

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