A Celebration of Pollination

Here is another  treasure from filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg. Take a 4½ minute break and watch this video, filled with lush and sensual imagery from the natural world. It’s a trailer for an 80-minute documentary film called “Wings of Life” (you can stream it through Netflix here or buy the Blu-Ray and DVD from Amazon here).

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s what the filmmaker had to say:

This video was shown at the TED conference in 2011, with scenes from “Wings of Life”, a film about the threat to essential pollinators that produce over a third of the food we eat. The seductive love dance between flowers and pollinators sustains the fabric of life and is the mystical keystone event where the animal and plant worlds intersect that make the world go round.

Even if you’ve seen this before, enjoy the beauty, my friends. And then share it with those you love.

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  1. Carl,

    Beautiful video. I will check out the full version. I also wanted to thank you for the recent invitation to receive blog notices from you. I was receiving them for months, and keeping up with your blog, than they just stopped. Since I was extra busy and doing some traveling, their absence did not register for a while. Anyway, when I received a new invitation, I was pleased. It is good to be back on board.

    Ed Scott

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