Why I don’t call myself a “Monk in the World”

Christine Valters Paintner's latest book, on contemplative photography.

Christine Valters Paintner’s latest book, on contemplative photography.

A friend of mine, Christine Valters Paintner, has a wonderful ministry called Abbey of the Arts. She has written a number of books and maintains a vibrant blog and website. What I love about her work is how she integrates the experience of being a Benedictine Oblate with creative expressions such as photography.

Here are two of her books I would especially recommend:

Anyway, Christine recently asked me to write a guest-post on her blog. The theme she asked me to write on was being a “monk in the world.” Okay, so I’m a bit contrary: I wrote, instead, on why I  don’t consider myself to be a monk in the world.

Christine is a good sport and she ran the blog post anyway. I figure the least I can do now is to help her get some new traffic on her blog. So please take a moment, follow the link below, and check out my guest post at Abbey of the Arts — and stick around there and check out some of her writing as well.

Not Quite a “Monk in the World” (Guest Post at Abbey of the Arts)

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  • Cullen Hornaday

    Carl, Just last week I suggested you Christine and Jan Richardson for a program on spirituality to Krista Tippett at On Being. I figured you all had found each other. Now I know that at least two of you have. Hope you hear from On Being. I’d love to listen to three of my favorite bloggers together on one of my favorite podcasts!