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I have created a short survey. Would you please fill it out? There are only six questions, and three of those are optional, so it should only take a few minutes to complete.

One of my goals for my blog is to create new content 5 – 6 days each week. In doing so, I have a number of options I can pursue. To help me set up my writing plan, I’d like to hear from you, the reader, to see what kind of content is most useful or interesting to you. Thank you for your input!

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When Silence Rings
Speaking of Silence (On Internet Radio)
After the Book Festival (and Looking Forward to a New Contemplative Prayer Gathering)
A Modest Proposal (and a question for folks who live near Decatur, Georgia)
  • Regina Kay

    Your survey has a typo, it am sure you meant anecdote.

    • Carl McColman

      Thanks for your eagle eye! I’ve fixed it.

  • Nancy Smith

    Thanks for all the space to leave comments! I took advantage of that.