Wisdom and the Wild Goose — Coming to the Mountains of North Carolina this July

Friends, I'd like to invite you to join me at a special event called "Wisdom Camp" which takes place in western North Carolina this coming July 13 — the first day of the 2017 Wild Goose Festival.For that matter, I'd like to invite you to the Wild Goose Festival as well. Let me tell you about both events.Wisdom Camp asks the question "Is there a higher, deeper, or more joyful way to pursue the healing of our world?" So many of us give generously to working for healing, justice, re … [Read more...]

This Silent Blog is Going Silent (But Only Until Pentecost)

I hope you have had a wonderful and prayerful Lent, and that your Holy Week is likewise a time for reflection and contemplative waiting. Here's looking forward to Easter — and the Easter season. May it be filled with joy, warmth, and plenty of "alleluias"!One thing that won't be part of this Easter season: new posts on my blog.I'm taking the Easter season — basically, March 26 through May 15 — as a kind of mini-sabbatical. So I do not expect to publish any new content on either of my blog … [Read more...]

Bruno Barnhart (1931-2015)

Bruno Barnhart died on November 28, the birthday of William Blake.I never met the man (if you'd like to read a remembrance from someone who knew him well, see Cynthia Bourgeault's eulogy), but I've been familiar with his work for many years now, and am sad to learn of his passing.I am currently working on a book profiling the 100 most significant contemplative writers past and present — and I've written a profile for Barnhart, which may be in the final book. But now with his passing, it s … [Read more...]

Instead of singing for your supper, how about blogging for books?

This post is aimed at people who blog, or have a podcast, or in some other way like to express themselves online. If you are not such a person, feel free to skip this, unless you'd like a peek into how book marketing works...My irrepressible friend Mike Morrell is a publicist who promotes progressive Christian books. One of the ways he does this is by seeking bloggers who would be willing to read his client's books and write reviews on their blogs. He did this kind of thing for a number of y … [Read more...]