So what does Centering Prayer have in common with Rock and Roll?

When I was in high school, I used to hear charismatic Christians talk about how rock and roll music conjured demons. "It's in the drum beat," they said. "It's the same drum beat that witchdoctors use in primitive cultures to call up their evil spirits." Basically, if you listened to rock music, no matter what your intentions may have been, you were (according to these folks) unintentionally making yourself vulnerable to the malevolent influence of opportunistic spirits.It's interesting how I … [Read more...]

No Unelectable Softies!

This little bit of animated speculation by Mark Fiore pretty much says it all...What if... … [Read more...]

An Tairseach

Here's a cool new link that Google Alerts alerted me to: An Tairseach - Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre The Dominican Sisters established the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in 1998 on their 70-acres of land in Wicklow. It is an organic/biodynamic farm and Centre for Ecology and Spirituality An Tairseach, is the Irish word for threshold and it suggests a new beginning, an alternative and more sustainable way of working with the land as well as a renewed relationship with the whole community … [Read more...]

A Few Interesting Links

These links were brought to my attention by the good spiders at Google Alerts...The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism from Marquette UniversityVeni Creator Spiritus: A Monograph on the Theology of the Holy Spirit Until the Time of Tertullian and Origen by Michel Rene BarnesThe Trinity: A Muslim Perspective by Abdal-Hakim Murad, a lecture delivered at Oxford in 1996A Blogger and a friend of his dialogue on the above article.Special thanks to J.R.M. and Steven Wedgeworth, both … [Read more...]

Emerging Church Reading List

If you'd like a few pointers on books to read about the emerging church/emergent/emerging conversation (this theologial trend has multiple buzzwords, all of which have a slightly different meaning but in general refer to how Christianity is encountering Postmodernity), visit this blogpost on the Emerging Church: Top 5 Books for American Reporters. Actually more than five books are listed, and links are provided to several other interesting book lists. I agree with Becky Garrison (who forwarded … [Read more...]

Jesus sure knows how to work a Crowder

Mike Morrell has posted a series on his blog featuring the bad boy of the charismatic world, John Crowder, who's stumping for drinking deep of God's serotonin, and opening your heart to truly find ecstatic joy and delirious fun in your encounter with your creator. Mike is a good foil for John, asking some hard questions, some fun questions, and generally teasing out a fascinating view of contemporary Christian experience that you're not likely to find at your neighborhood Episcopal Church.Here … [Read more...]

Live the Life You Love

I saw a bumpersticker once that said, simply enough, "Live the Life you Love." This reminds me of the quotation attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world." One of my working definitions of mysticism is "the art of living in heaven here and now." Bolstered by Biblical passages like Luke 17:21 and Romans 8:35-39, I believe that Christian mysticism is all about going to heaven before we die. … [Read more...]