If right here and right now, you were a fully blossomed mystic — I mean of the same caliber as Julian of Norwich or John of the Cross — how would your life be different?What would your day look like?How would you be spending (or investing) your money?How much time would you spend each day in prayer? In lectio divina? In works of mercy? In our postmodern/western equivalent to "chop wood, carry water" — i.e., cleaning the laundry and doing the dishes?Would you be a member of the same churc … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

At some point in each of our searchings, I believe it is necessary to become "located" within some valid spiritual tradition. It is of course neither desirable nor necessary to so solidly identify oneself with a tradition that blind allegiance and particularity are courted. Location is decidedly different from identification. In location within a tradition that has been tested and tempered by history, one can cease the furtive skimming of the surface of things and begin to go deep. Here it is … [Read more...]

“A Brief History of Everything” through Evening at Emory

Here's my next class through Evening at Emory:A Brief History of Everything Five Wednesday Evenings, February 6-March 7, 2008 7 - 9 PM American philosopher Ken Wilber writes books that combine eastern and western spirituality, psychology, biology, cultural theory, and other strands of contemporary thought to create what the author calls "integral theory." Wilber seeks to bridge the divide between science and religion, explain the dynamics of human consciousness and moral development, and … [Read more...]

750 Words

Here is one way of describing my spiritual journey — in 750 words: I was born into a very typical white, suburban, middle class, late twentieth-century American family. We were protestants and attended our local Lutheran Church. When I was sixteen I had an amazing spiritual experience that transformed my relationship with Christianity from conventional to charismatic. I began to participate in the highly experiential and emotionally hyper-charged world of neopentecostalism. Initially I felt b … [Read more...]

Thank you, dear readers

During this Holy Season of Advent, I want to take a moment and thank everyone who reads this blog, with a special "Thank you" to those who take the time to comment on what is posted here.If you've been reading my online musings and reveries for more than the past nine months, you'll know that I've had a website since the mid-1990s, but I only started blogging on LiveJournal back in 2003 or so. I eventually begin to see LiveJournal as something of a ghetto, so I took my blog to Squarespace in … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The meaning of language has been said to reside in its use—but on whose part? Naturally, on the part of the one who knows how to impose himself, that is, on the part of power. The language of the strong has become a weapon. A Christian discourse should be conscious of this use (abuse) by those who hold power. — Raimon Panikkar, Christophany: The Fullness of Man … [Read more...]

Everytime you look at me I just keep laughing

I'm always saddened when I meet religious people who seem bitter, angry, frightened, or otherwise unhappy.It takes many forms: a piety that doesn't know how to smile... thinly-veiled hostility toward people seen as different, just because they're different... anxiety about "getting it right," whether "it" means believing correctly, behaving correctly, performing rituals correctly, or voting correctly... fear of the devil, which unfolds into a generalized fear of the "other," particularly other … [Read more...]