Notes from a Motivational Seminar

I was cleaning out some old files this morning and found these notes from a motivational seminar I attended back when I was working for New Leaf (which means sometime between 1997 and 2001). I don't remember the name of the person who gave the seminar, but I did find these particular nuggets of wisdom inspirational... so I decided to archive them here.Whether you think you can or you think you can't... you're right! (are these Henry Ford's words? I didn't write down who originally said … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Begin at the Beginning…

The Mysticism: Theory and History book discussion group through the Christian Classics Ethereal Library will begin reading Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love this coming week. If you haven't signed up for it already, please do so now - we have almost 500 members of a variety of religious/spiritual backgrounds, so I anticipate some wonderful conversation to come.Of course, you can join the group anytime, as the discussion threads will remain on the bulletin board indefinitely - but i … [Read more...]

Congratulations, Atlanta has just named Atlanta the worst city in the United States for commuters.Here's what they have to say: Here, in the fastest-growing city in America, more people flood the roadways than the infrastructure can handle. Commuters spend 60 hours a year stuck in traffic, second only to those in Los Angeles. If that weren't bad enough, Atlanta is so spread out that only 29% of drivers get to and from work in less than 20 minutes, the third worst rate in the country, and 13% spend more than … [Read more...]

Paul and PJ

Last night I learned of the death of two former business associates. Paul Scott and PJ Birosik, both prominent in the world of new age music, committed joint suicide in January 2006.It's a sad story with a horrible ending. … [Read more...]

(The Man Who Inspired) Timothy Leary is Dead

Albert Hofmann, who first synthesized LSD, has died. He was 102 years old. His "problem child," as he once called the psychedelic substance, turns 70 this year. Which means he was 32 when he first created acid — kind of ironic when you think about that famous slogan of the 60s, "Never trust anyone over 30."I tried LSD once, when I was in High School. It was 1979. It was a very nice, sunny spring day; I went with a friend to Newport News Park near my hometown of Hampton, Virginia; we spent the d … [Read more...]


Fran and I are going through various CDs in which we've archived photos taken over the last five years, and finding a few odd treasures here and there. Here's a picture of China, who is now our oldest cat — she'll turn 19 next month.Incidentally, all the bottles on top of the chest of drawers behind her are filled with water from holy wells in Ireland. … [Read more...]

More Thoughts About Christianity and Paganism

Judy's comment on my post yesterday concerning Quaker Pagans got me to thinking.Paganism and Christianity make for two very interesting spiritual cultures. In some ways they are practically mirror images of one another, in other ways they are so different from each other that they are like night and day. But what night and day and mirror images have in common is that each is somehow linked to the other.I have long felt that, on at least some levels, Neopaganism represents a new religious … [Read more...]