Ministry in the Emerging Postmodern World

Here is a succinct slide show that begins to describe the important distinctions between modernity and postmodernity, and what a difference that makes for people of faith.[slideshare id=351486&doc=ministry-1208139814839629-9&w=425]I think it's a few years old, but since it's new to me, I figured it might be new to a few other folks as well. Thanks to the ever-resourceful Mike Morrell for passing it on. … [Read more...]


Fran and I went to church twice today: with my dad at the Lutheran Church we've been taking him to in Athens, and then later in the day at our home Catholic Church.So twice today we've prayed the Lord's Prayer. "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" takes on an entirely new depth of meaning when reeling from being burglarized!But it's a good new depth. Fran and I were talking yesterday about how it's stuff like this that puts one's faith to the test. Sure, … [Read more...]

Silver Lining

It's way past my bedtime — but I wanted to just take a minute to post my first blog entry from my new MacBook. I'm two thousand dollars deeper in debt than I was this time yesterday (let's hear it for a speedy processing of my insurance claim), but I've got a sweet new laptop to show for it.Meanwhile, we just keep stumbling into freaky new rooms in this topsy turvy funhouse. Fran discovered that about 150 of her checks are missing. Looks like we'll be closing our bank accounts ASAP. … [Read more...]

Point of entry

Here's how the burglar(s) got into our house: through the window in our bedroom. I know this isn't a great photo, but I took it with my Blackberry, as that's the only camera we have at the moment.The window was shattered, with broken glass all over our bed. The pane you see lying on the bed is our winter frame, which the intruder just pushed through. He cut himself, leaving drops of blood on the windowsill. We had a CSI person in our house yesterday, gathering up the blood and some fingerprint … [Read more...]

Job 2:10

I am posting this from my old iMac that I bought in 2002. It's mighty slow and it crashes a lot, but for now, it's all I've got. While Fran and I were at work today, someone broke into our house. They tried to enter through the bathroom window, but only managed to bust up the screen; then they successfully got through the bedroom window, breaking both the screen and the window pane in the process. They ransacked the bedroom, and alas, found about $150 in cash we had squirreled away; then they … [Read more...]

Clutter Bulimia

We're getting ready to have a large spring sale at the bookstore where I work. Selected titles will be discounted 30% — and "selected" means close to a fourth of our current inventory, so there are some real treasures to be found there. We're trying to reduce our inventory level in anticipation of remodeling the book department, hopefully before the Christmas rush kick in six months from now.Cleaning is not my long suit. I'm a packrat and a magpie, I love to fill my life with interesting b … [Read more...]


This has been online for a while, so I suppose many of you already know about it. But it always gives me a chuckle, so I thought I'd post it here for those of you who haven't seen it.PIcasso thought that we should let children teach us how to paint. Watching this video, I think maybe kids could teach us a thing or two about the sacraments as well. … [Read more...]