Meditating with a Cat

Furbie, meditation master extraordinaire

This morning my wife had a migraine. Poor lass, she gets one about every three months or so (the stress of living with me). Anyway, she squirreled down into the bed and I got R. off to school, then went into my office to meditate. Now, normally when I meditate, I close the office door. But I wanted to be accessible in case my wife needed anything, so today I left the door open. And I was wonderfully reminded of why I normally keep it shut. For you see, one of my cats decided to "help" me … [Read more...]

David and the Phoenix

David and The PhoenixBy Edward OrmondroydColumbus: Weekly Reader Children's Book Club, 1958Review by Carl McColmanThis gentle masterpiece of children's literature first appeared in the late 1950s, bringing a dimension of magic and wonder to young baby boomers growing up in a society dizzy with consumerism, the space race, and post-WWII arrogance. Recently reprinted in both hardback and paperback editions, this book is now available for an entire new generation of budding … [Read more...]


Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness By Evelyn Underhill Twelfth Edition London: Methuen, 1930 Review by Carl McColmanI read Underhill's magisterial "Mysticism" the summer after I graduated from high school, and I've been a student/devotee of the western contemplative tradition ever since. Underhill's accessible if British-formal prose provides a wonderful, elegant stage on which the majesty and depth of the interior life can be celebrated. The … [Read more...]