A New Kind of Christianity

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming Our Faith By Brian D. McLaren New York: HarperOne, 2010 Review by Carl McColmanI think the argument could be made that evidence of just how important Brian McLaren's latest book is, comes not just from his own gracious and thoughtful argument, but just as much from his many detractors. We have a saying here in the south, "A hit dog hollers" — in other words, the vehemence by which some corners of the evangelical world are pushing b … [Read more...]

“People of Christlike Love”

In A New Kind of Christianity, Brian McLaren ponders the question of what the church's "one mission, message, and quest" should be. In other words, here in our fragmented, postmodern world, where the church has splintered into so many different theological, ecclesial and cultural forms, what can Christians rally around as a unifying message to inspire the community of faith as we move into the third millennium? McLaren goes on: "What one great danger do people need to be saved from, and, more … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Contemplating a loving God strengthens portions of our brain — particularly the frontal lobes and the anterior cingulate — where empathy and reason reside. Contemplating a wrathful God empowers the limbic system, which is 'filled with aggression and fear.' It is a sobering concept: The God we choose to love changes us into his image, whether he exists or not." — Michael Gerson, quoted by Brian McLaren in A New Kind of Christianity (original source: The Washington Post) … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Is God violent? Nearly all religions—and certainly all monotheistic religions—seem at times hell-bent on inspiring people to kill each other, making atheism sometimes seem a more ethical alternative to conventional violence-prone belief. So we ask: Why does God seem so violent and genocidal in many Bible passages? Does God play favorites? Does God choose some and reject others? Does God sanction elitism, prejudice, violence, or even genocide? Is God incurably violent and is faith capable of bec … [Read more...]

Two New Books

I have recently received two books that I am eagerly looking forward to reading. It will probably be a few weeks before I can write in-depth reviews of them, but I wanted to mention them now in case anyone who reads this blog would like to get copies.A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren features a series of questions that McLaren has been wresting with — questions he has had posed to him, all over the world, as he has travelled, speaking about the challenges the community of faith is f … [Read more...]