Chapters 17 and 18

A reader writes, in response to last Monday's post: can you please comment on chapter17 and 18 of the cloud of unknowing as i think very relevant to this discussion. it is certainly an ungoing struggle with myself as within my own mind there is ongoing dialogue between active and contemplative life the author of the cloud seems to reject the idea that the two forms can exist in one s life and i would definately agree………after one receives spiritual direction to authenticate the yearning of the spi … [Read more...]

The Ones We Leave Behind

I've been thinking about the relationship between contemplatives and others. What does it mean to pursue the mystical life, when so many people have no desire for, interest in, or aptitude for contemplative practice? Myers-Briggs personality type indicators suggest that only about 1% or so of the general population are "natural" mystics. Assume another 2 percent or so have enough of an interest in the contemplative life to pursue it, even without the inborn aptitude. Still, that leaves only 5% … [Read more...]