The Emerging Church: Day 3

Well, the first Emerging Church Conference sponsored by the Center for Action and Contemplation is over. And if you weren't there (or logged in to the webcast), there will probably be another one next April. And in the meantime, DVDs and CDs of this year's event will be made available soon. … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 2

I know realize just what the logic was in putting together the Emerging Church Conference Schedule. Day 1, featuring Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr, was the "Contemplation" day. Today, featuring Alexie Torres-Fleming and Shane Claiborne, complements yesterday by focusing more on "Action." I felt a little underwhelmed by yesterday's programming, mainly because I  had done my homework and was quite familiar with what all the presenters had to say. Today, however, I got a clear … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church Conference Webcast

If you can't make it to  Albuquerque this weekend to attend the Emerging Church Conference with Richard Rohr, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, Brian McLaren, and Alexie Torres-Fleming, you can still get the experience. The key speakers and panel discussions from the conference are going to be available via a live streaming webcast (and archived for thirty days, which frees you from having to be glued to your monitor the entire weekend). Cost to receive the webcast is only $50 — less than a third … [Read more...]