A Book for All Time

I've posted the text of the talk I gave in February at the "Awakening in God's Love" conference to my website. This conference was sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta's Institute for Ministry and Theological Education. It was a celebration of the life and work of Anglican writer and contemplative Evelyn Underhill, marking the centennial of the publication of her book Mysticism: The Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness.In the morning at the conference, scholar Dana … [Read more...]

A few neat Anglican links…

Thanks to my friend Donnie for pointing me to these:The Byzantine Anglo-Catholic — a blog about "the interplay between Benedictine spirituality, high-church Anglicanism, and the hesychast tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy."Yes, Young People Do Like Traditional Liturgy by Luiz Coelho — an interesting essay by a young Latino Anglican on the importance of preserving liturgical tradition.Here's what Donnie had to say when he pointed me to these links: I have often felt that the most radical thi … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

It is well known that the category of the personal is vital to Christian thinking, both in relation to God who is understood to be three-personed and to humanity which is seen as made in God's image and likeness. Often in common usage what is personal is thought to be identical with what is individual. But the reverse is the case. For whereas when we speak of the individual we speak of each one in his separateness in competition with all others, when we speak of the person we speak of each one … [Read more...]