A Dream in Light and Dark

Last night I dreamt the following dream. I woke up just before three AM, and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it. The dream began in a large, bustling, beautiful church, radiant with soft light and featuring marble flooring, pillars, and walls. I wasn’t in the sanctuary, but in a commons area. It was Holy Saturday and everyone was making preparations for the festivities of the following day. It must have been a version of First Christian Church of Atlanta, for Kris and Rick were the pastors. I … [Read more...]

A few neat Anglican links…

Thanks to my friend Donnie for pointing me to these:The Byzantine Anglo-Catholic — a blog about "the interplay between Benedictine spirituality, high-church Anglicanism, and the hesychast tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy."Yes, Young People Do Like Traditional Liturgy by Luiz Coelho — an interesting essay by a young Latino Anglican on the importance of preserving liturgical tradition.Here's what Donnie had to say when he pointed me to these links: I have often felt that the most radical thi … [Read more...]