Registration now open for “Introduction to World Mysticism”

I'll be teaching my class on World Mysticism through the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning again, on Wednesday evenings July 22 through August 12. It's a fun class — a whirlwind tour through some of the most luminous spiritual writings from around the world.For more information or to register, click here: … [Read more...]

Thomas Merton Conference: November 14 and 15, 2008

N.B. I'll be at this conference. Hope to see you there, too! — Carl Reading Thomas Merton: The Atlanta 40th Anniversary Celebration   Thomas Merton (1915-1968), monk, writer, poet, artist, entered the Cistercian Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky on December 10, 1941.  He died by accident twenty-seven years later while attending a Monastic Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  As a Roman Catholic monk, he published some fifty books while maintaining a regular monastic routine and a very active intel … [Read more...]

For Facebook Users Only…

If you're on Facebook, there's now a way to create your own blogroll/feed. Visit this link to see my blog on Facebook: … [Read more...]

These days…

For some time now I have tried to post something to this blog every day. If on any particular day I felt no inspiration to hold forth (rant) on this or that topic of personal interest, I'd at least throw up a thoughtful quotation or a link to something of interest elsewhere on the web.Now I'm going to change this rhythm somewhat. No, I'm not going to go "on sabbatical" like I did in the first quarter of 2007, when I realized that I was thinking about my blog more as a marketing tool than as an … [Read more...]

Sara Miles is coming to Atlanta

I've just received word that Sara Miles will be in Atlanta, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, the weekend of April 12-13. On Saturday, the 12th, she and her colleague Paul Fromberg are leading a program on the connection between worship and service, from 9 AM to 2 PM; she returns to St. Luke's the following morning to teach an adult education class.If you don't know Sara's wonderful book, Take This Bread, read my review of it here. Better yet, just get the book. Her website is worth a look-see … [Read more...]