A Conversation about Mysticism

Yesterday Google Alerts brought to my attention a new blog called Are There No More Idols? Is There No Place Left to Hide? The Time is Near! The inaugural post on this blog, by a woman named Diane, attacks Rob Bell because of his advocacy of mysticism.Now normally when I come across an anti-mysticism blog I might spend a few minutes looking at it to see if there are any new arguments arising from that camp (I've yet to find anything beyond the standard anti-Catholic or anti-Eastern rhetoric, … [Read more...]

Beware of those Eastern Mystical Labyrinths!

Sigh. The folks at Lighthouse Trails Research (one of the Internet's more visible anti-mysticism websites) are getting goofier and goofier (or, perhaps, more and more paranoid). Yesterday they posted a blog entry in which they listed over thirty terms that they describe as "the 'inside language' of contemplative spirituality." They go on to issue this dire warning: that all these "point to one thing ... eastern mysticism."The list includes such terms as:Labyrinths The Jesus Prayer Lectio … [Read more...]