Once upon a time, I thought Beliefnet would be a revolutionary presence on the web: a forum where real and meaningful interfaith dialogue would occur. Alas, it's more or less turned into a spiritual lifestyle website, which I'm sure has its uses but to my mind represents a certain measure of unfulfilled potential. But the dream of a truly substantive interreligious forum on the Internet is not dead.Later this year the Patheos website will be launched. Based on their introductory video, it … [Read more...]

Idol Chatter

I'm having fun hanging out at Beliefnet (note to self: do this more often).The latest treasure I've discovered: their "pop culture" blog, Idol Chatter.Follow the link to check it out for yourself. … [Read more...]

Beliefnet Community

Beliefnet has created a "community" section. It's still in Beta, but I think for us contemplative types it just might become the best social networking site out there. I've already staked out my turf: stop by and say hello! … [Read more...]