Nonduality in the Bible … and us

A reader writes:I love reading your articles but am new to the terminology. What is "non-dualism" and is it compatible with Biblical truth? Also, why did non-dualism get marginalised?Great questions, both of them, and both point back to Richard Rohr, one of the most dynamic contemplative teachers alive today. Rohr calls Jesus the first nondual religious teacher in the west, and also speaks of how nondual wisdom teachings have been lost in the west since the late middle ages (I would cut u … [Read more...]

To understand Matthew 13:11, read Matthew 11:25…

Thanks to everyone who left such thoughtful comments on my Matthew 13:11 post from a few days back.Simon writes: I had never seen that verse as relating to contemplation. Rather, it seems to me to refer to basic Christian truths. My Vine’s Dictionary says “In the ordinary sense a mystery implies knowledge withheld; its Scriptural significance is truth revealed”. I think Vine's is nailing it on the head. This is how Christian mysticism differs from pagan mysticism: the pagan mystery cults wer … [Read more...]

Contemplative Apps

Okay all you iPhone lovers out there — I've been meaning to do this for a while: list the four apps that I find the most useful for my spiritual practice. I hope you find them useful as well.If there is one app that I think is the most essential, it would have to be Zen Timer by Spotlight Six. This handy little tool will liberate you from ever having to worry about how much time you have to pray. Easy to use, the app features a variety of sounds from bells and gongs such as those you will find … [Read more...]

The Bible Beyond Fear

Yesterday a person who's attending the Christian mysticism event in Portland wrote to me and said: A question just occurred to me ... for a few reasons (one being paralyzing fear about End Times) I haven't been reading the Bible in the last few years.  I was taught to read and interpret in a very unhealthy, fearful way.  I had to disconnect myself from it for a while but I'd like very much to reintroduce myself to the Bible and begin reading with new eyes and my new heart. What a great question, … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. — II Corinthians 3:18 NRSV … [Read more...]

Attention Bible Lovers: Win an iPad!

I don't normally post contests on this blog, but this one seemed like too much fun to pass up... and the grand prize is an iPad! Other prizes include a Kindle, an iPod, and Bibles. The contest is sponsored by Tyndale House Publishers and is designed to promote their New Living Translation of the Bible.Here's the info:The New Living Translation Break Through to Clarity Bible Contest and Giveaway Visit and click on the tab that says “Sweepstakes” Fill out a … [Read more...]

Finding the True Path

A reader of my blog has emailed me the following questions. They seem to involve the question of how to embrace the Christian mystery when one cannot be sure if it is the "true" path or not. As a former neo-pagan, didn't you find getting to grips with Christianity's necessity to hold a set number of essential beliefs? Don't you have any doubts and don't you find them restricting? I was wondering if you knew much about Islamic mysticism - sufism - and if you had ever written something about it … [Read more...]