Carmelite Review

In the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Carmelite Review, Father Gregory Houck, O.Carm. had this to say about The Big Book of Christian Mysticism: When I was an undergraduate taking philosophy, my professor said to the class that most philosophers are not actually philosophers; rather, they are merely historians of philosophy. What he was saying is that there is a clear distinction between knowing content and practicing that content. Since then I have found that this same distinction can be applied to … [Read more...]

Signing off (briefly)…

Dear friends,I have received the PDFs of the layout of my forthcoming Big Book of Christian Mysticism. The publisher needs my corrections and comments by April 23. That may sound like plenty of time, but do remember that I work full time, plus I'm teaching two classes this month! So my time is actually at a premium, and I need to be establishing boundaries to make sure that I can honor the commitments I have.For this reason, I will be taking a break from this blog until the last week of the … [Read more...]

What’s Up…

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of this blog to bring you a few notes about what's up in the life of your humble blogger.I'm currently reviewing and responding to the copy-edits of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. This process will continue until February 10, when the manuscript is due back on my editor's desk. From there the book will go to the designers, who will do the layout; copies will be mailed out to potential endorsers and early reviewers. I'll review the book one … [Read more...]