Byron Borger reviews my Dawn Treader Book

The first review of The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader (or, at least, the first review to come to my attention) is in!It's by Byron Borger and was written for the blog of the Hearts & Minds Bookstore in Dallastown, PA. It's part of a long post he wrote called: C. S. Lewis: educational DVDs, books, devotional, Bible and other recent resources. As the title suggests, the post lists a gracious plenty of new and recent resources about the renowned apologist and Narnia-maker. Follow the … [Read more...]

John Michael Talbot

I've just discovered that John Michael Talbot has his own blog:http://johnmichaeltalbot.blogspot.comIf you're not familiar with JMT's lovely contemplative Christian folk music, one way to get acquainted is to visit his MySpace page: … [Read more...]

Idol Chatter

I'm having fun hanging out at Beliefnet (note to self: do this more often).The latest treasure I've discovered: their "pop culture" blog, Idol Chatter.Follow the link to check it out for yourself. … [Read more...]