Last Chance to Begin at the Beginning…

The Mysticism: Theory and History book discussion group through the Christian Classics Ethereal Library will begin reading Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love this coming week. If you haven't signed up for it already, please do so now - we have almost 500 members of a variety of religious/spiritual backgrounds, so I anticipate some wonderful conversation to come.Of course, you can join the group anytime, as the discussion threads will remain on the bulletin board indefinitely - but i … [Read more...]

Mysticism: Theory and History

I am very pleased to announce the formation of an online study group that will be reading and reflecting on the writings of the great mystics.Sponsored by Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the group is called Mysticism: Theory and History, and is being moderated by yours truly. This group will be unpacking the great tradition of Christian mystical wisdom: understanding its history, looking at how it developed, and identifying the key themes and teachings. We will do this by getting to know … [Read more...]