And what do YOU like to read?

Here's something just for fun — that sheds some light on the reading habits of those who visit my humble website.Scattered throughout this blog and website are links to various books — books I've written, books written by people I've interviewed (like John O'Donohue), or books that I've reviewed, recommended, or otherwise mentioned once or twice. These links take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book — and if you do so, I get a small commission in the form of a credit that I can use at … [Read more...]

Is there such a thing as too many books?

I am trying to lose weight. Actually, I'm a good 15-18 pounds lighter than I was in November, when I first resolved to trim up. I'd still like to take another 20 pounds off, so I'm only about halfway to my goal. When people ask me how I've managed to lose the weight I've already taken off, I always shrug and say that I have no particular diet: my basic game plan is "eat less, move more." In other words, I try to be mindful of my portion sizes and I try to keep exercise and physical activity as a … [Read more...]

Running with Expanding Heart

Running with Expanding Heart: Meeting God in Everyday Life By Mary Reuter, OSB Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2010 Review by Carl McColmanJust in time for Lent: here is a wonderful new addition to the literature of Benedictine wisdom.Running with Expanding Heart (the title comes from a phrase in the prologue to the Rule of Saint Benedict) offers a vision of how Benedictine spirituality can provide inspiration and guidance for twenty-first century Christians—including the laity. Sister M … [Read more...]

Mystical Books on

Okay, so here's the kind of thing I do when I have too much time on my hands. This morning I created a book list on, featuring my forthcoming book (yes, of course, this is all about marketing) but also 39 other, far more worthy titles on the subjects of Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality (like the just-released Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart, pictured to the right). If you are looking to fortify your library of books on this wonderful topic, then follow … [Read more...]

Prayerfulness — and further thoughts on “Tame” and “Wild” Spirituality

Yesterday I finished Prayerfulness. My copy of the book came from; I get books from them as part of their reviewer program, so I owed them a review on it. This is what I wrote: Robert J. Wicks writes in the tradition of Joseph Schmidt's classic, Praying Our Experiences: An Invitation to Open Our Lives to God -- in other words, Prayerfulness is a thoughtful, grounded, and warm invitation to expand our concept of what prayer is and the role it plays in the ordinary moments of our lives. … [Read more...]

My Kindle Wish List

I've asked Santa to bring me a Kindle for Christmas. I'm not sure if he will, but it never hurts to ask, right?One of the reasons why I want a Kindle is because there is a growing selection of — you guessed it — mystical and contemplative works available electronically. And so here is a list of some of those books. If you have more luck with Santa than I do, then I hope you'll refer to this list when choosing books for your Kindle.Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, Catholic Edi … [Read more...]

New (and not so new) books from friends

One of the sweet things about being an author and a blogger is that I'm always learning about wonderful new (and just "new to me") books, often from friends of mine, either folks I know in person or acquaintances that I have found through Facebook. So this morning I thought I'd highlight a few of these books, books which I think readers of this blog will enjoy. Actually, I myself have not yet read any of these books (!), but I have at least looked at them all, and they all look pretty juicy. … [Read more...]